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"Soon as I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted an intimate and special experience for my home birth. I had no idea what to expect and was anxious because my son’s father would not be there for the birth. He was undergoing treatment for cancer, and I had never felt more scared or alone. But thanks to Vani, my home birth was beautiful. Vani was gentle, supportive, kind, and so in tune with my needs. From morning until evening, she never tired and paid attention to every detail. I am so grateful to her for making my home birth my dream come true, for being there for me emotionally and physically at a time when I needed support more than ever. This is truly her calling and me and my son were so lucky to have her."

                                                                        -Madhavi     USA

Dear vani Its been 3 years since i gave birth to our precious daughter Bhagirathi. Your physical and emotional support during my pregnancy and motherhood was a wonderful experience and because of your expertise we look back to the birth in a positive way. We felt cared, we felt safe and felt heard in our needs. Its a memory we will always treasure! We believe you have found your calling in life and wish you all the best. Much love from..."

                                                                  - Syama Gopika    Bosnia

Birthing with Vani was wonderful. personal support, empathetic, very comfortable and calm. She did wonderful work .

                                                                       -Anya    Russia 

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"Vani's care comes from her warm and loving heart. Her skill comes from deep dedication to the essential training as well as hands on support before birth, during birth and after birth. She is a natural, is the whole package.!"  

- John Heintz UK

"Vani came to my home to do a closing the bones ceremony. I felt like I was in a spa, Vani puts you at ease, you feel comfortable and can feel her healing care. It was 2 hours of massage, rebozo, and closing the bones. She takes the time to add all the extra touches to make you feel like you’re in a sap at home."

  – Lila UK

"Vani's professionalism with her training and experience makes you feel safe while her personal, warm nature gives the comfort mothers need to go through the birthing process peacefully. Highly recommended!"  

- Brenda Briant USA


"We hired Vani as our birth doula. I LOVED Vani’s antenatal workbook that she’s created and printed for all of her clients. All the information she goes over is in this booklet, including visuals, exercises to reflect on how you’re feeling emotionally, places to take notes during midwife appointments etc. She cares so much about the families she supports. She’s invested in helping you achieve all of your birth goals." - Stacey Conrad UK

"Vani was an incredible support during my birth she never left my side, gave me encouraging words, and really advocated for me. She updated me, and talked things out with my partner. This was so important for him as he felt clued in and calm. We couldn’t have done it without her, she advocated for our desires and we got what we wanted!" - Penelope UK

"I signed up for Vani’s doula-in-your-pocket service. This was perfect for me and my anxiety during my pregnancy. She was available for me whenever I needed to talk things through, answer questions, provide evidence based research, give me positive helpful words of encouragement, and cheer me on/reassure me. She went above and beyond, and this service was super affordable. I felt educated and supported." -Priya Singh

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