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Ayurvedic Postpartum Services

  • Abhyanga- Oil massage, using warm vata pacifying herbal oils and heat packs

  • Tailor made  postpartum meal plans

  • Tailor made postpartum meals, drinks and lactation snacks

  • Belly wraps with warm herbal oils 

  • Direct/source ayurvedic herbal support

  • Herbal baths

I work with you before your birth, together we will create your ayurvedic postpartum care plan. I will guide  and highlight  key Ayurvedic postpartum principles, practices, and dietary/herbal additions. I can provide and help gather foods, herbs, and materials  necessary for your care plan. Of  course postpartum I will then come to you, provide meals, treatments, and help with light housework to make sure you have the rest and  peaceful environment needed to recover, rejuvenate, and connect with your little one.   

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