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Postpartum Treatments 

At London Birth Doula, we offer some beautiful unique postpartum  rituals, such as:

  • Closing the bones ceremony (includes full body rebozo, womb massage, and tightly wrapping the mother in rebozo fabrics)

  • Warm womb massage and wraps

  • Herbal baths/sitz baths

  • Warm oil massage, and all accompanied with carefully chosen essential oils.


These aftercare rituals all come from traditional postpartum practices that help to close and ground the body after the body has experienced such a deep primal opening. These recovery practices postpartum help the body to heal swiftly and protect the emotional postpartum journey as well. Closing bones  helps to regulate the nervous system, release tension,  and heal from birth trauma.

Generally Vani would come to your home and provide a 1 hour closing ritual.

*Towels, oils, wraps, and  herbs provided.  Each postpartum ceremony can be individualized to your specific needs. 

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