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Standard Birth Package

  • Free Initial Meeting

  • Access to your doula via messaging, scheduled calls throughout your pregnancy. Your doula can signpost to credible sources, talk decisions through, suggest care plans etc. 

  • 2 Antenatal Sessions (duration open-ended) 
    These personalized sessions allow the time and space to explore anxieties, desires around your birth and postpartum, and have questions answered. Some suggested areas to cover in our antenatal session can include but not limited too:

    • ​Preparing for your birth

    • Birth physiology

    • Birth hormones

    • Providing evidence based information

    • Navigating the maternity care system

    • Common interventions and their pros/cons

    • Formulating your birth preferences/plan

    • Breathwork in birth

    • Birth biomechanics/positions in labor

    • Optimal fetal positioning

    • Pain management

    • Discovering birth place options

    • Caring for you and your newborn postpartum

    • Breastfeeding

    • Natural supports i.e. aromatherapy, homeopathy, massage etc.

  • A copy of our exclusive antenatal information booklet.

  • Tailored birth plan document. 

  • Deck of our exclusive birth affirmation cards

  • On-call 24-hours from 10 days before your due-date till 42 weeks.

  • Full use of our aromatherapy selection with Neal's Yard, tailor created for labour and birth needs. 

  • Unlimited phone and email support during on-call period

  • Continuous emotional, physical, and practical support during labour and birth. I am committed to:

    • Protecting your birth space

    • Advocating for you and your partner

    • Providing emotional support and encouragement 

    • Encouraging a partner if present

    • Suggest breathing techniques /birthing positions

    • Provide physical support such as massage etc.

    • Answering questions/processing and discussing important choices together/providing evidence based information

    • I draw upon 11 years of  birth experience to bring knowledge, support, care and attention to each birth I attend. My aim is to encourage you to feel empowered and in control of your birthing experience. 

  • I stay till around 3 hours post birth until you are settled and comfortable, and will help with your first feed. 

  • 1 postnatal session (more can be arranged)

  • Free breastfeeding support, if breastfeeding

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