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Basic Birth Package

If you are interested in support throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth read more about our birth support package!  As always our birth and postnatal packages can be altered to fit your unique needs. We respect that no two births are alike and each mother and family has their set of individual needs!

Pamper Birth Package

Our pamper package is the basic birth package with additional antenatal and postnatal sessions.  Pamper sessions such  as  massage, sitz bath, womb massage, womb wraps, and extended support postpartum support etc. 

Doula -in-Your-Pocket

Not sure if you need a doula physically at your birth, but would like someone to be there if you have any questions or need emotional support? Are you wanting a caregiver that is with you your whole journey, while being affordable? Doula-in-your-pocket is a wonderful option.  Have access to a doula via messaging and phone calls during a period in your pregnancy, your birth, postpartum, or during all 3 parts of your journey!

Using Mobile Phone

Postpartum Ayurvedic Doula- Ayurdoula

Ayurveda  is one of the oldest complex healing sciences or scriptures.  Its principles are based on balancing Vata, Pitha, Kapa-elemental influences and caring for the body through, diet, herbs, and practices such as oil massage. Ayurveda speaks in depth about  caring for the new mother. It is said 42 days for 42 years. If a new mother is cared for and follows the ayurvedic postpartum guidelines for 42 days she is protecting  and encouraging optimal health  for the next 42 years.  Read more to see the kind of Ayurvedic support we can offer. 

Body Healing

Postpartum Package 

Are you looking for support during your postpartum period? This can include emotional support and birth debriefings, pampering for mum, breastfeeding/general support, and select help with household needs.  Contact Vani to discuss your needs,hours,fees,and any questions regarding our postpartum services.

Postpartum Closing Rituals

We offer beautiful postpartum closing rituals, such as womb wraps, herbal baths, herbal sitz baths, warm oil massage, and all accompanied with carefully chosen essential oils. We also do "closing the bones" ceremony, which is a calming closing ceremony using rebozo and tightly wrapping up the mother. These aftercare rituals come from traditional postpartum practices that help to close and ground the body after the body has experienced such a deep primal opening. Vani would come to your home and provide a 1 hour closing ritual. Towels, oils, wraps,  and herbs provided.  Each session can be individualized to your specific needs. 


Antenatal Course

Join our personalized antenatal course.  If you already have your birth support team and perhaps just looking for an antenatal course, devoted doula does personalized antenatal courses. You can have private sessions, or join our other devotedoula families. 

Our courses are open to you and a one other person, always small enough to make sure your questions are answered, and personalized to you and your families needs. 

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